Keep Your Child Safe While Driving

Keep Your Child Safe While Driving

A child’s safety is extremely important while travelling in a car; that is why children need special car seats that are designed to keep them safe if there is a jerk or any crash playard with removable bassinet. It is suggested that parents should start with car seats to provide their little ones with a safe ride. There are several baby care types for you to choose from depending upon their height, weight and age. There are different car seats for newborn babies and older kids. There are also different styles, designs, models and price of cars available, but they should all meet a child’s safety requirements. 

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Types of car seats

While looking for baby car types, one would come across three basic varieties:

  • Infant car seats- These are mainly used for newborn babies who weigh at least 22-35 pounds; these seats are on the car’s rear side. These seats can only be used till a child is an infant. Once the child starts growing, then there is no point as such in using this car.
  • Convertible car seats are forward-facing seats and are specially designed for older children, typically for children weighing at least 65 pounds. 
  • Booster car seats- These seats are the perfect way to help bridge the gap between the real car seats and your child; they have belts like the adult seats. These seats hold the children securely and are perfect for children who are at least four years old and weight almost 40 pounds. 

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How to choose the right baby seat for the car?

  • If you are planning to buy a used car seat, then it is recommended to buy it from someone you trust. Every car seat also has its expiration date, and also check online before using it.
  • Whichever seat you buy, make sure the seat fits in your car; it should be universal and should fit in all the cars so that in case you change your car, then there is no difficulty. The baby car seat’s fit is important because some seats are larger while some are smaller, so make sure you do your proper research before buying one.
  • See whether it is according to your child’s weight, age and height. If your child is heavier than the required weight for the seat, buy the next best option slightly. 
  • The car seat should be such that it is reclined safely so that your baby head stays intact and doesn’t fall forward. 

There are a few safety features to look out for like:

  • There should be a proper harness with two shoulder straps, two waist straps and a between legs straps. 
  • There should be side impact protection 
  • The harness should be adjustable so that it fits properly with your child. 
  • It is necessary for parents as well to be consistent in one’s journey. One should maintain all rules and regulations and be discipline, and an honest parent as a child ultimately learns everything from them. A child might be confused if parents won’t direct them in their life path.

These are the various baby car types that can be bought by those who have really small children. 

Keep Your Child Safe While Driving
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